Site moved.

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Hey guys..

I recently created this new site..

its called

So please check it out ;P

Its not cp related..its random related 🙂



Thanks for everything .


Advertisements back :)

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Just wanted to tell u all that im back to wordpress, i know i havnt been updating in a while, but ill try to update..even though i start school in a week 😦 I’ll try to update..even when school starts. Im not sure i dont know if im going to post alot, Its because i really wanna focus on my grades. Im not getting A’s , so yeah i really wanna work hard this school year, but ill still TRY to make time to post.

Btw im going to year 9! kinda nervous but yeah. If i was in the USA or Australia i’d be in 8th grade. Thats why i wanna focus on my grades, so i wont fail in grade 10..OMG, i dont wanna think about grade 10 now LOL.

Everything is changing :(..

Just wanted to let you know..


My bday is comming up 🙂 Im excited 😛


Well cya,

Hope u had a nice summer XP



New pin + Catalog!

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Hey Guys!

Well Hope ur all enjoying the Music Party! I think the music party is a hit!

I know i Haven’t been updating! But now i will!

The new pin is in the Dance Club.

All you have to do is put your cursor on the green puffle in the dance club 🙂

New Catalog!

Click there and u get..

A jade necklace!..

Click the Rocker wig.

Click it once and you get..

A red Viking helmet.

If you Click the Red Viking helmet then the rocker wig 4 times, You get a Blue Viking helmet.

Click the Pink shoe to get mixed braclets.

Click the purple Shield to get the woodsman hat.

Click that Blue circle on the Sarong and you get a divers helmet!!

Thats all for now =P

Rock on & Enjoy the Party,


New header & Nintendo DS CP game!

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Hey peepz XD

Well..i made a new header..yeah its pretty weird =) haha.. but nice at the same time..if that makes any sense..LOL!!..hehe it looks like black n white shoe laces..HAHA..Lool i have a weird imagination..lolzz P

So rate it out of 5 )

anyway getting back 2 the subject..

Yeah Cp made a Nintendo DS thats pretty cool P

– You can play games and play some games and still receive the stuff..haha that’s pretty cool D

This is what the “Club Penguin team”  said..

Hello penguins!

I am very excited to be the first to let you know about a very special project we’ve been working on!

Ever since Club Penguin was launched, many of you have been asking and talking about a DS game and we’ve been listening. Here’s a bit of what you can look forward to:

I can’t get into too much detail but you might be wondering about the name ‘Elite Penguin Force’.  In the DS game you take on a special role as part of the Elite Penguin Force and solve mysteries that even Secret Agents don’t know about!

That’s just the start! You’ll also be able to play some of your favorite mini games and earn coins and other rewards that can be uploaded into your Penguin account!

I’ll have more info in the coming months. We’re hoping to have the game done by this holiday season so you’ll only have to wait a few more months!

As always let us know what you think.

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

Nice XD ..hehe well..

cyaa round..

U rock my sox..(oh not wearing socks..) LOL..

Miss.. P P P

A new game! Sneek peek + New Newspaper

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Well there’s a new game coming out! Heres more info about it from the club penguin team

“Hello Penguins!

A couple weeks ago I promised I would post a few more summer sneak peeks! I was able to get a bit of info on a new project the team is working on for the end of the month. I think you’re going to like it–especially if you’re into music! It’s a new game–but I don’t want to give away too much, but I was able to get some concept art from the team. Here it is. As always, we love to hear what you think!


In other news:  Check out The Stage today for the return of the Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal play! Let me know what your favorite part is!!

Until then… waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team”

~Newspaper~ Issue #143

The new newspaper came out on Thursday…

And the club penguin band is Coming on July 25th!…

Its says..

“Weather you wail on a guitar or croon on a bassoon, or drum up a storm, the time to get your band together and start practicing now!
So Start rehearsing, rocking and rolling, and check next week’s Club Penguin times for more details”

That sounds cool..

Upcoming events

July 18 – New Pin Hidden

+ New Furniture Catalog

August 1 – New Pin Hidden


Rock on..n Peace out..


Hey again ..+ yeah..another new vid!

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Hey yall

Well i today i was just wondering around the house..being bored..then i went to paper’s room and i saw him on club penguin! I was shocked, because he hardly ever goes on it, and he says that hes back! Thats great news 🙂 , im so happy for him 😀

In other news i made a new video with this new program..

I can wait forever – Simple plan

Hope u enjoyed it 😀

U all rock my socks ..(im not wearing socks) all rock my site 😛

cyaazzz lool…

Miss AKA Candyy


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Well just to let you know that i am back 🙂 and i might not post that often! I think its because im lazy,..

So yeah..and im just starting to get used to the new wordpress theme..

And i made a new vid..I spent hours on it, cus my windows movie maker was not working properly, and it kept shutting that kinda sucks..

The world is black – good charlotte (yes i forgot to write the name of the the credits)

Well cya!!